Corporation details - Sylvanas Windrunner United Fleet [SWF.]
Alliance: Ranger Regiment CEO: creeper holy
Kills: 430 HQ:
Losses: 0 Members: 203
ISK destroyed: 1,293.16B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 30%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website: http://
We are the Silvanas United Fleet, a china company with PPPPVP and LP as its main components. We welcome any like-minded PVP player, and we are happy to provide a poor production environment for farmers in Venal. No CTA, but we have mandatory PVP requirements.

If you are interested, you can join us.

We want to try to play with more time zone players, not just Chinese players.
My own (EN)
creeper holy (ZH-CN)
YY:38313630 维纳尔作战频道
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