Corporation details - Volition Cult [.VC.]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Nikita Van-Gogh
Kills: 359 HQ:
Losses: 166 Members: 258
ISK destroyed: 4,065.04B Shares: 1500
ISK lost: 19.40B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.53% Website:
Volition Cult is always looking to recruit exceptional pilots both young and old. We are seeking combat pilots, miners, industrialists, scientists.

Nikita Van-Gogh
Lykaon Retsu
Director: Ashade Grey
Director: Emnar Thidius

Adminstrative Directors:
Jake Spear (CA)
Kenco (UK)
Azariah Baleth (US)
Recruitment status:
Selective (mail)

Nikita Van-Gogh :
At this time our primary activities consist of running missions, mining, Large/Small gang and Solo PvP, exploration, production, invention, & research.

Employment Benefits Include:
Mumble, Website, Forum, & Killboard
Corporation Produced Ammunition, Drones, & Modules

Private Corporation Only Research Facilities
Discounted Ship Prices
Friendly Team Environment
New Player Assistance Programs
Mineral & Alloy Purchase Programs
Corporate Capital Ship Assistance

Employment in Volition Cult requires dedication to the corporation and a commitment to achieving its long-term goals. Pilots are expected to be active participates in New Eden in some form or another. Assistance is available for newer players who are willing to learn and put forth effort. If you think Volition Cult might be a good fit for you please contact us.
Our General Discord is here!
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