Corporation details - BOVRIL bOREers Mining CO-OP [BOVRL]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Tablot Manzari
Kills: 2341 HQ:
Losses: 210 Members: 437
ISK destroyed: 3,681.10B Shares: 9000
ISK lost: 16.94B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 99.54% Website:
We are the Bovril Miners. We are crazy and mine until everything is gone, and when it is we mine Blood.

Things we do:
- Boosted moon and anomaly mining operations.
- Subcapital, Capital and Supercapital construction.
- Reactions.
- Ratting.
- Small, medium, and large scale PVP.
- Black Ops.
- SOV defense.
- Structure bashes.

We are an active group of veterens who enjoy industry and PVP.
Based out of
Querious and Delve, we offer content for both PVP'ers and Industrialists. Proud members of Goonswarm Federation.

Recruitment for Imperium Members:
Recruitment for Non-Imperium Members: SELECTIVE

Recruitment channel: BOVRIL NEW.


Recruitment team:
Alice Adraer [US] [High Inquisitor]
Ontos Maulerant [AU]
Dakota Holtgard [US]
Ryu Madullier [EU]
ZombieSlayer001 ZombieS1ayer [US]
Anola [EU]
Leee Jonez [EU]

For Diplo, contact: Tablot Manzari

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