Corporation details - Delta vane Corp. [DVC]
Alliance: DARKNESS. CEO: Jokelerie
Kills: 7628 HQ:
Losses: 85 Members: 150
ISK destroyed: 6,054.31B Shares: 100000
ISK lost: 12.18B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.80% Website:
A corporation founded in 2006, flying in the Deklein Region with the Darkness Alliance, part of the DEAD Coalition.
DVC has branches in:
:: Small-Scale/Large-Scale Gangs, Alliance and Coalition PVP
:: Capital Ship Deployment
:: T1 & T2 Production & Market Manipulation
:: 0.0 (Null-Sec) Ice/Ore Mining
15 Million SP requirement (this is flexible depending on your background) must at least be able to fly an interceptor and be willing to actively participate in PvP.

Please apply within for consideration.
Corporate Contacts:

:: Recruitment:
:: DVC CEO: Jokelerie
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