Corporation details - Short Bus Ballaz [SBBAL]
Alliance: Northern Coalition. CEO: Ratt Bastid
Kills: 2603 HQ:
Losses: 39 Members: 91
ISK destroyed: 2,663.60B Shares: 3001000
ISK lost: 11.02B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.59% Website:
The Short Bus is currently seeking new members but we are very selective about who gets on the bus.

We require

-- Min 50 million total SP
--A working Microphone with access to voice services when online and in game
--Willingness to learn doctrines and PVP
--Joining at least 10 Fleets a month.

If you meet or exceed the listed stipulations to begin the process of getting a bus ticket.


Millineon Silvership

Hatai Khardula

If you do not meet these requirements but you would like to come chill with us in our space. We have a number of other options for you to enjoy the Null life.


Ed Maller

Titanus Magnum
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November 2019
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