Corporation details - Raised By Wolves Inc [R3MUS]
Alliance: DARKNESS. CEO: Zaiden Enaka
Kills: 9049 HQ:
Losses: 17 Members: 117
ISK destroyed: 7,985.86B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.25B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.98% Website:
Raised By Wolves Inc is a dedicated PVP corporation where our members receive ample opportunity to join a variety of fleet actions and styles in an environment that fosters fun, and Lots. Of. Explosions.

While freeing the enemy from the confines of their ship is our speciality,  first and foremost we are a community that values maturity, patience, humour, and teamwork. Skill points come with time, but good attitude is priceless.

Our clones may have been born in a tube, but we were Raised By Wolves.
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Top Killers
July 2019
Pilot Kills
Bimisi Cesaille 1. Bimisi Cesaille 15
LorD SpeirS II 2. LorD SpeirS II 4
SGTSnipey Hilanen 3. SGTSnipey Hilanen 3
Krishlarger 4. Krishlarger 3
XxBlackfootxX 5. XxBlackfootxX 2
All time
Pilot Kills
Bimisi Cesaille 1. Bimisi Cesaille 1216
Deepfry Audeles 2. Deepfry Audeles 1163
Mute Karimar 3. Mute Karimar 1075
Juliette Love 4. Juliette Love 1058
Calipso 5. Calipso 1036
Zashmeer Vaille 6. Zashmeer Vaille 804
Dreamingdawn 7. Dreamingdawn 757
Vas Enyo 8. Vas Enyo 600
Aedon Tekitsu 9. Aedon Tekitsu 510
Travis117 10. Travis117 506
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