Corporation details - FinFleet [FINFL]
Alliance: Northern Coalition. CEO: Klezz
Kills: 20803 HQ:
Losses: 567 Members: 162
ISK destroyed: 9,064.87B Shares: 2000
ISK lost: 219.92B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 97.63% Website:
A corporation founded at early ages of exploration, bringing gaybars and civilization up to the northern regions of EVE.
Has a powerful combat wing supported by versatile industrial backbone.
Every hole is a Goal !!!

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Discord Server :

Diplomatic/Political Contact : Wirox Crotikus for any information.
Recruitment Contact:
Badboy K & Xiao KA
Our Den Mother:
Top Solokillers
January 2020
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Pilot Solokills
Zmeurica 1. Zmeurica 5
Zmeee 2. Zmeee 1
Veinnail 4. Veinnail 1
bobo 1994 5. bobo 1994 1
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