Corporation details - Grey Templars [GRTP]
Alliance: DARKNESS. CEO: Necr0n 99
Kills: 14180 HQ:
Losses: 35 Members: 73
ISK destroyed: 8,824.26B Shares: 29000
ISK lost: 32.50B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.63% Website:
Grey Templars would like your help growing our team.

Grey Templars can offer you:

• Member of a PvP Alliance
• Not Blue Shoot It (NBSI) Policy – Lots of juicy targets to get your pew pew on
• Small Gang roams as well as fleet PvP Operations
• PvP Opportunities – Combat fleets operations available around the clock daily.
• A tight knit group of mature and relaxed players
• Industrial support for BPO research, BPC creation and manufacturing
• Access to plenty of excellent 0.0 space to explore and shoot up

What we are looking for:

• Pilots from all Time Zones
• Combat Pilots (If you are new to PvP that’s okay)
• Pilots that are Open Minded to new ideas
• Pilots that want to participate in Corporation and Alliance Operations. We are a PvP Corporation and that is what we do.
• Pilots who are team players who can work within the Corporation and Alliance to achieve the goals of the group.
• Pilots who are willing and able to maintain a decent kill / loss ratio
• We pride ourselves on our statistics and expect our members to do as well.
• Willing to have fun, regardless if it’s a small gang roam, fleet operations or camping gates
• A working headset or speakers… This is a MUST for fleets…
• We use TeamSpeak and Mumble for communications, Need to be able to hear fleet commands

For recruitment or more information about Grey Templars, please contact
Eka Sina or Necr0n 99

Please stop by our public channel :
GRTP Public

Here you can find more recruiters and corp members for a nice chat.

“Aim for the impossible and you will achieve the improbable.”
Top Damagedealers
January 2020
Pilot Kills
Eka Sina 1. Eka Sina 1
Fr3yr 2. Fr3yr 1
All time
Pilot Kills
Rondis Hammer 1. Rondis Hammer 62
xPredat0rz 2. xPredat0rz 56
Zophoo 3. Zophoo 33
Eka Sina 4. Eka Sina 31
Fr3yr 5. Fr3yr 28
Kern Botamma 6. Kern Botamma 26
Telthea 7. Telthea 18
geotses 8. geotses 17
FailSafe Operator 9. FailSafe Operator 17
Caterpillar 10. Caterpillar 16
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